Health Safety Environment Course

HSE Management Courses: Covering the Basics

 These courses are designed for specific industries and include personnel in the oil & gas, Petrochemicals and construction organizations. These courses focus on the basic fundamentals of health, safety and environmental management systems. It is suited for operational staff, engineers, supervisors, project managers and aspiring HSE professionals. At its core, this course is for those who can directly influence HSE Management within the organization, or those completely new to the industry with no previous HSE management knowledge.

Professionals will learn:

  • The basic and principle elements of a HSE Management system

  • How to promote continuous improvement in HSE Management

  • Overview of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

  • Techniques and tools associated with risk assessment, risk control and active/reactive monitoring

  • How roles and responsibilities of professionals within the management system and affects the safety culture of organizations

About the Course:

This course is uniquely designed for the oil & gas, petrochemicals and Construction industries. It aims to enhance knowledge and equip candidates with the necessary skills needed to effectively follow a HSE Management system. Properly recognizing and managing health, safety and environment within these specific industries is critical for organizational success. The course deals with the fundamental aspects of HSE Management and focuses heavily on key elements required for its successful implementation.

The program is based on common HSE management system models and can be customized for onsite training. It explains critical elements and provides a variety of exercises, videos, theory and case studies. All these resources are used to give participants a basic understanding, allowing for best practice in leadership, communication and implementation. Upon successful completion of this course, professionals will be able to apply pertinent skills designed for corrective actions, auditing, as well as monitoring and effectively using the tools associated with HSE management systems.


                              Basics of safety           Basics of Health           Basics of Environment

                                       Contractor Safety Management               Risk Based Auditing

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