Risk Management

Petrotex provides training, resources and guidance to help organizations understand what exactly they need to do in order to assess and control risks in the workplace. Petrotex provides organizations with the necessary knowledge and advice to comply with current Health and Safety Laws.

We use a variety of approaches to help organizations identify any/all operational or project related risks:

Hazard Assessment and Risk Control

Identifying Hazards

  • Petrotex carefully reviews and audits your company’s normal routines. We take particular care with all on-site personal and report on any critical hazards that may in fact be present. We asses any situations which may affect employees, the general public or Contractors
  • In most cases, on-site hazards can be identified by simply observing. With complex cases and depending on the organizations industry, we would take measurements in air quality, which could identify the presence of chemical hazards from machinery or surrounding areas. For example, in high-risk environments like the Nuclear or Chemical Industry, some special techniques must be utilized to ensure a safe work environment for everyone involved

Risk Assessment

  • Petrotex assesses on-site risks in order to determine the potential for improvement. We take into account any controls which may already be in place and identify what, if any, further controls are required. We assess risk and determine whether caution is needed through qualitative or quantitative means. For example, in a simple case, reference may be made in regards to specific legal limits set forth by current HSE guidance and documentation. With regards to a more complex situation, it may be necessary to make a qualitative judgment based on other standards that must be met.

Risk Control

  • Once any risks are properly analyzed, assessed and documented, we can then make appropriate decisions about potential workplace precautions

  • With all the final decisions with regards to risk control methods; we take into account all relevant legal requirements
  • Because many legal requirements use specific wording, for example ‘reasonably practicable’ or ‘so far is practicable’ - Cost assessments must then be made. We also assist in investigating the usefulness or reliability of different control measures

The PETROTEX team is experienced in risk Assessment and is qualified to carry out both Qualitative Risk Assessments and Assessments based on Quantitative Methods.

We also include the “Probabilistic Modeling” system, which can be undertaken to help assist your organization in effective Risk management. By using the Probabilistic Modeling System, we can estimate based on past data the probability of a risk event occurring again.

We at Petrotex, recommend In-House Personnel training – we find that by training on-site or at location, we can effectively teach and convey the messages needed to achieve a level of safety. We help develop a system for use within your company and we fully train personnel on how to effectively use this system.