Approved Course

Diploma/Post Diploma in Fire & Safety Engineering (PDFSE/DFSE) Courses

Distance Learning-Duration One year, Promoted by Government of India

Petrotex Global HSE Solutions are proud to be leading professional training providers for Fire Safety Courses. This program greatly benefits graduates of Safety Engineering, which is currently one of the fastest growing engineering careers available.

 The programs core objective, improves opportunities for students looking for a career in ‘Fire Safety’. It is also beneficial for those who already may be involved in a similar field. This course helps raise a specific skill set and improves on existing knowledge.

Fire is a powerful and destructive force – understanding and implementing preventative measures only holds benefits for individuals or organizations. Unfortunately countless fires consume homes and businesses every year. Its devastating effects send ripples through towns and communities. It causes severe suffering, death and financial down-falls that can last a life-time.

Ignoring Fire Safety is not an option but in fact essential in all walks of life. Whether cooking at home, working in a technological environment or any other type of industry, Fire Safety is something to be taken very seriously. Having a plan of action, routed fire escapes and detailed guidelines can save a life. Organizations who carefully implement fire safety meet their obligations and promote a safe environment for all of their employees or guests.

This program helps prepare those who wish to have a career in the following:

  • Fire Engineer

  • Employment in Fire Offices

  • Fire inspection/inspector

  • Fire Sub Officer

  • Fire Station Manger

Job Prospects

Potential jobs in the above mentioned fields are not only abundantly available in India. Foreign countries as well offer many employment opportunities in careers associated with Fire Safety. This includes Fire Safety officers, Safety assistants and environmental engineers.

Courses in Fire Safety can help employ you in a variety of industries, including:

  • Oil Refineries
  • Airports

  • Railway Networks

  • Merchant Navy

  • Electronics

  • Transportation

  • Construction

  • Large Installations

  • Fire Department/Safety Departments

  • Hotel/Motel/Safety Services or Department


The benefits of being one step ahead in educational fire safety courses are immense and open many opportunities in challenging careers.


                          Diploma                                              PG Diploma

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