Competency Mangement System

A Competency Management System is an application used extensively through out an agency or organization. A properly customized CMS will help organizations match the talent and strengths of its employees to positions that can best utilize those skills. By taking a comprehensive approach to CMS, Petrotex Global works to create an environment of sustainable competency. We develop a CMS architecture that encompasses the organizations goals and culture. In order for an organization to achieve and maintain operational success, developing the workforce to ensure that reliable controls are in place will ensure all on site personnel are competent within their respective roles.

Petrotex Global HSE Competency Management System (CMS) takes a disciplined approach to workforce management. By customizing each goal inclusive to the organization, we can ensure competency-based performance that only maximizes workforce potential. In general our CMS ensures clients meet their strategic objectives. The CMS process consists of Two integrated elements: Planning and Design Phase, Implementation Phase.

                            The Planning and Design phase                     The Implementation Phase

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