Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training

Fire safety in the workplace is a legal requirement and a moral obligation that should be followed to the letter. It is well documented that every year people are killed or severely injured in fires at work. Fire accidents at work leave organizations with unbound financial consequences ultimately leading some to never recover. Therefore, it only makes sense for organizations to adhere to legal obligations and protect their workforce from accidents or injuries caused by fires. PGHSE Solutions offer a broad range of courses that gives complete flexibility to suit the needs of your business. 

Petrotex Global HSE courses in fire safety training include:

  • Practical Fire Safety Awareness

  • Emergency Fire and First Aid

  • Fire Risk Assessment Foundation

  • Fire Marshall & Warden Certification

  • Diploma/Advanced Fire and Safety (DFS/ADFS)

Our courses combine theoretical and practical sessions designed to reinforce skills and instill confidence in Fire prevention and training. PGHSE Solutions is a nationally recognizes training provider in the delivery of Fire Safety at work. All of our trainers are professionals, fully qualified and highly experienced. Our Fire safety training courses are available at our venues throughout India or can be run in-house to suit your needs, as long as suitable facilities are available.

Practical Fire Safety Awareness

This course is suitable for personnel who require an introduction to fire fighting and evacuation techniques. It is also suitable for those who wish to refresh or expand their knowledge base. Following a suitable fire risk assessment, if possible we conduct live-fire practical fire extinguisher demonstrations outside.

Upon successful completion of the course, personnel will have the required information, knowledge and appropriate training to be competent in basic fire safety. This includes carrying out practical techniques.


Emergency Fire and First Aid Course

This course includes the above fire safety training elements and combines basic first aid training as well. We apply the same theoretical and practical elements; however this course also focuses on CPR training, recovery position techniques and the basics of First Aid treatment. Candidates who successfully complete this course will have the necessary skills to think quickly on their feet if a fire was to ever take place in the workplace.


Fire Risk Assessment Foundation Course

This course is suitable for employees who do not have any previous fire safety experience. It is imperative that organizations, who hire new personnel or contractors, enroll them in the Fire Risk Assessment course. This ensures your organization is current in its policies, while protecting workers. This course focuses on the necessary knowledge needed to raise awareness and assess any dangers with regards to possible fires at work. Upon successful completion, candidates will fully understand the essentials of preventative measures that should be taken to reduce serious injury caused by fires.


ire Marshall /Warden Certificate Course

This course is designed for those designated as a Fire Marshall or Fire Warden. These designations have very specific duties for fire prevention as well as evacuation. This course focuses heavily with on-hand practical techniques. If possible we include live-fire extinguisher demonstrations outside the workplace following proper fire risk assessment.  This gives candidates the unique opportunity to learn about different types of fire extinguisher, by using them correctly and safely. This course also focuses on specific insight with careful regard to fire regulations and general fire precautions.  **************************************************************************************************************************************

Diploma/Advanced Fire and Safety (DFS/ADFS) Courses

PGHSE Solutions are proud to be leading professional training providers for Fire Safety Courses. This program greatly benefits graduates of Safety Engineering, which is currently one of the fastest growing engineering careers available.

The programs core objective, improves opportunities for students looking for a career in ‘Fire Safety’. It is also beneficial for those who already may be involved in a similar field. This course helps raise a specific skill set and improves on existing knowledge.

Fire is a powerful and destructive force – understanding and implementing preventative measures only holds benefits for individuals or organizations. Unfortunately countless fires consume homes and businesses every year. Its devastating effects send ripples through towns and communities. It causes severe suffering, death and financial down-falls that can last a life-time.

 Ignoring Fire Safety is not an option but in fact essential in all walks of life. Whether cooking at home, working in a technological environment or any other type of industry, Fire Safety is something to be taken very seriously. Having a plan of action, routed fire escapes and detailed guidelines can save a life. Organizations who carefully implement fire safety meet their obligations and promote a safe environment for all of their employees or guests.

This program helps prepare those who wish to have a career in the following:

  • Fire Engineer
  • Employment in Fire Offices
  • Fire inspection/inspector
  • Fire Sub Officer
  • Fire Station Manger


Job Prospects
Potential jobs in the above mentioned fields are not only abundantly available in India. Foreign countries as well offer many employment opportunities in careers associated with Fire Safety. This includes Fire Safety officers, Safety assistants and environmental engineers.

 Courses in Fire Safety can help employ you in a variety of industries, including:

  • Oil Refineries

  • Airports

  • Railway Networks

  • Merchant Navy

  • Electronics

  • Transportation

  • Construction

  • Large Installations

  • Fire Department/Safety Departments

  • Hotel/Motel/Safety Services or Department

The benefits of being one step ahead in educational fire safety courses are immense and open many opportunities in challenging careers.


PROGRAMS OF STUDY      :      Diploma in Fire and Safety (DFS)

Qualification                      :     10th /+2/ITI/Diploma/DEGREE

Duration                             :      6 Months

PROGRAMS OF STUDY      :     Advanced Diploma in Fire and Safety (ADFS)

Qualification                      :    +2/Diploma/DEGREE

Duration                            :     One Year