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current safety job opening
HSE 1-4 Years of experience in implementing Health, Safety & Environment systems in medium/large organizations, preferably in the Oil and Gas. ITI/12th /Diploma ,BE.   Gaduates in the final year may also.   Job
Oil and Gas Safety Training and Certification
Competency-based occupational health and safety training course is targeted to employees in the oil and gas industry.   IADC Rig Pass Course -USA, Career in Oil and Gas Sector.Diploma in Offsho
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Now, we are at Chennai, Delhi,Trichy & Madurai and International Location, We opportunity your participation with an unbelievable introductory offer!!!   NEBOSH-IGC OPITO,IMIST OIL & GAS IADC HSE Rig Pass-Oil Ga
IADC HSE RIG PASS /OPITO,IMIST Oil & Gas Certification International Association of Drilling Contractor (IADC) HSE RIG PASS Training  /OPITO,IMIST Oil & Gas Certification For further details: Email:info@pgh
Petrotex Global HSE Solutions is now HSE Rig Pass Accredited Center
Petrotex Global HSE Solutions is now HSE Rig Pass Accredited Center. -Oil and Gas Certification. Petrotex Global HSE Training and Engineering Solutions is now an Accredited center to provide HSE Rig Pass (Accredited Program ID
Rig Pass Training (IADC) offshore onshore oil and gas
All Clients-National and International. We are accredited by  IADC to conduct HSE RIG PASS Training-ID RP939  IADC Rig Pass Training -offshore onshore,oil and gas Certification  Since 1940, the Internation
NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC)-Admission
Greetings! We are glad to inform you that we organizing NEBOSH IGC training program at Chennai location and affordable price first time in India.   Duration: 14+1= 15 daysMode: Green concept class roomNumber of seats: 20
Member of International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC)
Since 1940, the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) has exclusivelyrepresented the worldwide oil and gas drilling industry.  IADC’s mission is to advance drilling and completion technology; impro
certified center top most quality Safety Training and Research institute
Petrotex Global HSE Training and Engineering Solutions now certified center For top most quality Safety Training and Research institute.Govt. of India.
Safety Career workshop
Invitation to a Free career workshop for Health,Safety and Environment. Qualification:Diploma,Degree,10th and 12th. For detail Call:Petrotex Global HSE Solutions Mobile:+91 9176233664
Current Job Opening
HSE 0-4 Years of experience in implementing Health, Safety & Environment systems in medium/large organizations, preferably in the Oil and Gas. BE/Diploma with IADC Rig Pass Certification-USA/Diploma in Offshore Safety with C
Project management and safety in the construction Sector
 Project Completed Recently, a study was performed to determine if the adoption of a “Total Quality” approach to construction sector projects reduced hazards and other workplace accidents. The study explored
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Go Green

The Future is GREEN

Go Green

In today’s society our priorities concerning the environment have drastically changed. Topics like ‘Global Warming’ dominate the political, scientific and academic stage. Global energy consumption and solid waste production is a matter that also should be taken seriously. In order for organizations or individuals to form a caring attitude towards the environment, education and strong leadership must be provided.

The Petrotex community constantly evolves to learn and lead by utilizing innovative ideas, while promoting a ‘Go Green’ mentality. We are fully dedicated to enriching a sustainable future for our community and the surrounding environment. This includes the way we live and work.

Petrotex Global HSE Training and Engineering Solutions understand the importance of focusing on a healthy indoor environment. We stand committed by limiting our energy use by promoting and employing sustainability. We strive to educate, lead and improve our campus, as well as the greater community. Sustainable design, construction and operations; waste reduction; reuse and recycle programs and above all environmental responsibility is what drives PGHSE for a brighter future.

With environmental responsibilities on campus, Petrotex asks students, faculty and staff members to rise to the challenge. We encourage use of our recycling bins, or to participate in one of our energy reduction programs. Together we can make a difference and give ourselves a sustainable and clean environment to work, live and play in. Help do your part - Go green today.

  • Green Building
  • Campus Recycling
  • Energy Conservation


Go Green

Green Building

 Petrotex is committed to design in conjunction with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). We also promote site-harvested resources, including building materials, electricity, water, and food. The concept of ‘Green Building’ is based on high performance construction, which utilizes energy efficient systems and uses only environmentally-friendly materials.

Go Green

Recycling on Campus



Accepted Materials

Banned Materials

Aluminum containers

Plastic bags

Glass containers of any color

Coat hangers

Plastic containers of any number

Spiral-bound notebooks

Steel and tin cans

Food waste, yard material and liquids

Newspapers, magazines, books, catalogues, or other paper items

Batteries and printer cartridges (there are separate recycling mechanisms for these)

Flattened cardboard boxes, cereal boxes and other cardboard items

Recycle Location Table

We are currently updating this section please check back soon.

Updated 30/12/2011


Go Green

Energy Practices

Below is a list of how Petrotex HSE Training and Project Management Services currently conserve energy on campus.

  • Installation of ‘Electric Smart Metering’ on campus. This provides accurate readings and real time monitoring of electrical use and demand. By monitoring, we can provide a solid basis to help in the development of future energy conservation initiatives.


  • High performance windows with low-E glass are being utilized in the Administration Building. This helps control heat gain and provides more than enough day lighting for internal office areas.


  • ‘Occupancy sensors’ are currently being used in all office buildings. These automatically turn off the lights when the rooms are no longer in use.


  • All offices and classrooms with larger windows do not use internal lights. This is done to utilize day light and help reduce air conditioning loads. This ultimately allows the building to run on less energy.


  • All individuals on campus are encouraged and reminded to turn off any lights not on sensor when leaving a room. They are also asked to unplug appliances, such as computers or microwaves when not in use.

Petrotex Global Solutions is fully committed to help in the reduction of energy consumption on campus. We aim for new improved and innovative ideas that help us lead the way for a sustainable future. We encourage you to check back with us for more information about future ‘Green Features’ we have developed for upcoming Petrotex Training & Consultancy campus buildings.