Inspections and Audits

Petrotex HSE has fully participated and conducted On-site Safety Inspections for previous and present cliental. Our services and experiences have extended too many types of industries and organizations. With an on-site inspection, clients can expect a review of the sites current condition, a full review of all Compliance Documents, interviews with all on-site personnel and we fully observe all on-site tasks.

 After careful observation and review, Petrotex then identifies any potential risks that may be present and communicates them to the company head in a full, easy to read report. Included in this report are our suggestions for corrective actions.


Assessment and Continuous Improvement:

In our inspection and auditing services, we include the following points of review to help safe guard your company/organization from future liabilities:

  • Petrotex identifies any Company Risks or the potential for risk; we also review any liability exposures
  • We make sure your organization is made fully aware and avoids any potential regulatory violations
  • Petrotex helps prepare our clients for any Insurance Inspections
  • We help locate and determine any potential injury hazards at the work-site
  • We provide assessments and reviews that help your organization revive all safety programs and additional training requirements
  • We develop and implement work plans that are site specific and focuses on workplace safety


Petrotex Facility Safety Review

Petrotex offers our clients a full facility safety review, which includes reviewing the essentials required for legal standards. While on-site, Petrotex reviews:

  • If the need for more management Involvement is required for on-site safety protocol
  • All fall protection requirements meet current legislation and is in place
  • All Personal Protective Equipment is current in working order and made available
  • All hazard Chemicals are properly documented and properly stored
  • On-site Construction sector meets all scaffolding safety requirements
  • A review of all Trenching requirements
  • A review of confined space requirements
  • On-site construction sector meets requirements for Crane Safety
  • Review of all on-site safety training requirements
  • Policy Revising