DISTANCE LEARNING

                                                                     Self Study and Classroom Study

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety


PGHSE Solutions, Distant Learning programs are suited for individuals who wish to open up new opportunities and excel in their careers. These programs are designed for those who do not have the necessary time to join regular classroom courses. Petrotex Global makes it easy for you to pursue higher learning within HSE Management professional fields though Distant Learning.

Our Distant Learning programs are designed for individuals to expand their knowledge base and acquire higher professional qualifications in pursuit of expanding their horizons.

Our comprehensive course material comes with:

  • Unlimited tutor support
  • Advice and help when needed
  • Quality materials that explains everything you need to know

Course Start Date

You can conveniently start the NEBOSH International Certificate distant learning course at any time.

Course Materials

 Petrotex provides all course materials and the programs are current and up to date. We assure our clients that our course material is advanced and one step ahead of our competitors. We provide all the necessary information required to pass exams. We also test your progress with “mock” exams, which aim to monitor your progress. All course materials, including notes, coursework and text books are sent to you by courier. All we ask is that students complete the coursework and return by post or email to PGHSE Solutions for grading. Please keep in mind the coursework will not count towards certification.

 Additional Information for Clients

 Revision and exam dates fall within a timetable set by NEBOSH Delegates. Students have a maximum of one year to complete the NEBOSH Certificate by Distant Learning. Petrotex guarantees NO HIDDEN COSTS and all fees that are included are expenses relating to the course. Some of these fees are directed at course materials, exam and any revision classes which may become necessary.