NEBOSH Workshops

NEBOSH Examinations – Successful Techniques for Students
Petrotex Global hosts a comprehensive one-day workshop that provides the basic knowledge necessary in preparedness for the NEBOSH qualification. Our workshops are designed to give candidates the techniques and confidence needed to succeed at examination time. This workshop includes an overview of all terminology, good practice guidelines and presents students with the opportunity to be successful at examination time.

NEBOSH Examination Master class Workshop
The Mater Class Workshop was designed for individuals who are preparing to take their NEBOSH certificate examinations. This beneficial workshop gives candidates a good understanding of terminology and good practice skills that are required in order to be successful at their exams.

What is the NEBOSH Examination Master Class?
The Master Class covers a broad range of topics that are designed to prepare candidates who are preparing for the NEBOSH certificate examination. This program also provides the basic knowledge needed to understand the terminology involved and focuses on practice guidelines.

The following topics are also covered in the Master Class program:

  • Review and understanding of common action verbs

  • How to effectively manage your time during examinations

  • We provide a ‘Mock’ exam under exact conditions to help prepare candidates for the real thing

  • The program provides a practical exam, which includes how to complete the observation sheet

  • This program provides an overview in properly formatting a Management Report

    • How to structure it

    • Introduction guidelines

    • Findings

    • Summary

  • This also includes a comprehensive overview of:

    • The most serious breaches and cost implications

  • The program focuses on in-depth reporting for implications to the organization, including:

    • The cost of poor health and safety

    • Legal and moral costs

Why should you attend?

There are several benefits for candidates who attend these workshops, this includes:

  • Confidence and preparedness for NEBOSH examinations

  • Increased knowledge

  • A good understanding of ‘best practice’ methods

  • One-on-one tutoring is available

  • Contains NEBOSH style questions to help candidates fully succeed in their examinations


Course Summary

Course Duration        :     1 Day
Course Type             :     Workshop
Examination              :     None
Location                    :     Petrotex Training Centre
Dates of availability    :    See course calendar

To learn more about this mode of study or to make a booking,
Contact: Petrotex Global HSE Sales