Petrotex Global HSE Training and Engineering Solutions India

As part of our mission, we assist you in creating effective strategies in order to connect your organization with Petrotex students.

There are numerous ways to recruit Petrotex Engineers/Officers:

  • Through On-Campus Recruiting

  • Through Job Postings

  • Through different information sessions and presentations

  • Through a placement scenario

  • Through a list of past recruiters

  • By direct Contact


Interviewing Guidelines for Recruiters

Companies and organizations are given opportunities to interview students at the Petrotex HSE Solutions India campus. Specific guidelines are given to organizations in order to assist them with the process of campus interviews. Particularly the career development center provides these opportunities and encourages interviewing candidates on campus.


Career Development Center Guidelines for Companies and Organizations:

Scheduling Interview Dates
Companies or organizations interested are asked to fill out an On-campus Recruiting Form. This form begins the necessary process to reserve a date, for a representative from the organization to recruit directly on-campus. When a date is successfully set, a confirmation will be sent to the organization or company by the career development center. Subsequently all interview dates are advertised on campus once accepted.

Schedule Interview Dates at Least One Month in Advance
It is imperative that appointments be made as soon as possible because of the large number of organizations looking to recruit. Coupled with limited time and the number of days or space available, getting a head start is important in order to secure a recruit. Therefore appointments scheduled in advance will allow the career development center enough time to promote the interviews. Overall, booking early ensures campus interviewing is effective and productive for the employer as well as the candidates.

Complete Job Descriptions
Organizations or companies are required to give a complete description of the available position. This should include all company information as well. This description can then be sent to the career development center via fax, email, or mail. This is preferred at the time the reservation is made to avoid any confusion.

Candidate Evaluation
Organizations and companies are required to evaluate all candidates. If so desired, organizations may request to send in resumes for review prior to the scheduled interview or as the recruiters time allows. This will ensure avoiding unwanted interviews with under-qualified candidates. Organizations are responsible for producing a complete list of the required qualifications. The career development center will screen resumes prior to interviews and will allow any qualified candidate an interview.

Canceling or Rescheduling
To cancel or reschedule interview dates, notify the career development center as soon as possible. The career development center will notify those who have scheduled interviews.

Direct Contact with Candidates
It is preferred that companies and organizations only contact candidates after the initial interview. If preferred, contact can be made indirectly through the center.

Companies Must be Equal Opportunity Employers
Companies must not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, disability, status as a veteran or other characteristics protected by law.


Interviewing Guidelines for Candidates

The center encourages all students to take advantage of on-campus interviewing opportunities. Students are then expected to adhere to the following guidelines.

It is important to understand that many organizations will base recruiting efforts on previous interviewing experience. Therefore it is imperative for candidates to present themselves accordingly. This includes students presenting themselves in an appropriate manner during the interview process. Organizations and companies expect professionalism during interviews, as well as proper attire.

Questions regarding the process should be directed to the career development center.

  • Each interview schedule for organizations and companies will be made available for students to sign up one month in advance.
  • We request that candidates only sign up for interviews if they are genuinely interested in the position.

Please be aware that practicing for an interview is considered unethical. The reason being, it takes advantage of the recruiters' time and limits interviewing opportunities for other candidates. We encourage those who are interested in practice should contact the center for a simulated interview.

  • It is critical that all candidates adequately prepare for the recruiting process. More importantly candidates must accurately represent their qualifications.

It is the responsibility of all candidates to read the available information and materials the employer provides. Candidates should be well prepared and complete required forms well in advance prior to the interview. Please note that falsifying data, such as grade-point average, is considered unethical. Candidates who purposely falsify data risk dismissal by their new employer.

Please be advised that interview appointments must be made through the career development center at least one week prior to the interview. This ensures the candidates have made all the necessary preparations.

  • All resumes need approval by the career development center before submitting them for the interview.

Candidates are required to submit resumes seven working days prior to the interview.

  • Candidates, who wish to cancel, must notify the career development center at least 24 hours before the appointment.

It’s important to remember that time is of major value to employers. Therefore candidates must make every effort to keep their scheduled appointments. A missed interview or constant tardiness could possibly result in removal from the interviewing program.

  • All candidates must notify an organization of their acceptance or rejection of any offers.

As soon as a final decision is made, candidates are required to either accept or reject all other offers in writing.

  • Candidates must withdraw from the interviewing process once a position is have accepted.

Job Postings

The Job Posting is set up much like an On-Campus Event. However, an interview schedule will not be attached to your job description.  Jobs may be posted through e-Recruiting/Email for PGHSE Solutions. There is no charge to Students and no limit to the number of jobs you can post.

Information Sessions and Presentations

By taking advantage and utilizing information sessions, organizations can greatly enhance their recruitment effort. Another beneficial resource for a company to utilize is a well drawn out presentation. Benefits include:

  • Advanced sessions help raise student awareness about your organization and the opportunities or incentives you offer
  • By holding sessions the morning before on-campus interviews, organizations are given the advantage to present key information to students and highlight the company.

Through a placement scenario

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Through a list of past recruiters

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By direct Contact


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