Petrotex is happy to provide our clients, services with respect to on-site safety security. Our Security services make sure that your Company properly manages all strategic and operational risks.

In Regards to Hostile and Complex Business Environment:

Within specific industries, hostile or complex environments are inevitable. We at PETROTEX, have extensive experience in dealing with issues in regards to specific environments needing special attention. Our experienced Security Consultants help our clients develop and implement an effective Risk Management or Mitigation Structure policies, as well as developing effective strategies. Petrotex helps and offers its services from the beginning stages through the entire process and identifies any threats there in. This procedure covers aspects with regards to designing and implementation, any procedural and physical security measures – followed through to auditing their impact and mitigating any risks.

Security Services

Our security services include:

  • We design and Implement effective Security Programs

  • We fully review and audit company security policies, security processes and structures – this also includes a survey if so required

  • We provide Intrusion Testing Services

  • We provide or assist in implementation or updating Security Documentation

  • We develop and provide a Security Management System with Integrated QHSSE

  • We review on-site structure and develop a Security Emergency Response Plan and Evacuation Plans

  • Petrotex also designs and initiates simulations to test preparation plans for all on-site employees – this includes helping organizations maintain their Crisis Management procedures by reviewing, auditing and training

  • We provide full Security Audits on-site or at residential homes

  • We provide full audits and review of your contracted Security Companies

Security Training

Petrotex provides on-site staff with full Security Training – Our experienced trainers provide the basic and advanced techniques needed to secure your location. This includes:

  • Hostile Environment Training

  • Vehicle Anti Surveillance Training to avoid potential car hijackers

  • Travel Security Briefings

  • Defensive Driver Training

  • Personal Security Training

  • Crisis Management Training

  • Pandemic Scenario Exercises

  • Managing Workplace Violence

  • Sexual Harassment Awareness Course for Ladies. - This course deals typically with the situation and incidences that are particular to India; the course assists women in not becoming a victim to these assaults both at work, at home or anywhere else

  • Safety and Security for Women - This course is an advance form of the above course and is a must do for all your female workers


With all of our safety training, we provide updated guidelines along with a full review and explanation if need be. This includes:

  • Current guidelines for Family Security

  • Current guidelines for Personal Security

  • Current guidelines for Vehicle Safety / Avoiding theft or car-jacking

  • Current guidelines for driver security measures or survival in difficult situations

  • Current guidelines for Immediate action